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As part of Remembrance Day, volunteers from the James A Haley VA Hospital along our incredible Dream Builders, assisted Army and Vietnam Era Veteran, Mr. Lewis Smith, who is 75 years old. Due to the rain, we weren’t able to complete the project, but we were able to complete much needed yard cleanup (10 yards), apply paint primer to the home and begin framing of his porch and fence. Previously we had replaced his roof and had to remove the old structures in violation of code enforcement.

Never Forget!

Before and after photos of veteran Rodriguez’s home. Not only were we able to repaint his home, he also had a NEW ROOF installed!!

Last weekend OCV partnered with Habitat for Humanity to help a Vietnam vet who lost his wife recently and he was recently cited for code violations.. Habitat will be getting him a new roof and OCV and Habitat will be painting the home once the roof goes up..this last weekend several volunteers came out to clean up his yard of junk,trash n debris and overgrowth to begin the process for Mr. Lewis Smith who was extremely grateful!

This is the “Go Fund Me” veteran that was beaten to near death.  He finally returned home after 3 1/2 months of extensive medical treatment and physical therapy.  We are pleased to announce  he is now walking with assistance and is able to speak a little.  Thanks to all of the generous donations as it allowed for security upgrades in the home and a special Thank You to J Rivers Fence, LLC for installing their fence at no charge.

Beautiful day out at the RJ Valor golf tournament & a huge shout out to BEHR Paint for donating $4000 of paint

Thanks to HURRICANE IAN this clean-up took a little more cleaning up.

Thanks to all of the volunteers that attended and for all of the home made food and snacks provided by the veteran.

Another hot day but the volunteers enjoy the relaxed and fun atmosphere.